“A landmark in structure, a hallmark in education”

This journey of more than two decades in the educational arena entails a glorious saga of progressive success of Grand Columbus International School in the educational sector.

Founded under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Suresh Chander in the year 1994, Grand Columbus International School is strategically located in the heart of the city Faridabad. A sprawling estate is the background for one of the finest educational experiences in the city. The charming picturesque surroundings provide the ideal atmosphere for young minds to blossom.

The school is located on 2 acre of land and is equipped with an environment-friendly modern architecture with a world class academic infrastructure. GCIS has created a benchmark by making purposeful use of technology in school education and the use of interactive whiteboard and projection screens to integrate information communication technology with classroom learning. The school has been established as one of the best schools in Faridabad.

The key features of the captivating campus includes modern air-conditioned smart classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories, excellent sports infrastructure, a world class library & Kindle, a grand auditorium, GPS global positioning system in buses along with instant messaging alerts, thus providing all modern facilities to cater to the needs of the students. Our modern facilities have brought us to be the best facility school in Faridabad.

GCIS does not believe in churning out certain number of educated children every year, it believes in creating mature, knowledgeable individuals who are an asset to their society. Discipline and personality development are the two inherent values that GCIS includes in its children. Here your child will not be a mere student. He / She will be a part of a progressive movement that strives to create a world which believes in the ideal blend of tradition and modernity.

The aim of Grand Columbus International School is to provide each student the right education in a creative, secure and supportive environment that promotes all round development, value based learning and quest for excellence. This is achieved by “Quality Education: A community commitment”.

  • An ethical approach to all aspects of life
  • Practical & applied learning
  • Team work

We ensure that we are one of the Good schools in Faridabad for success and confidence building in students. Well qualified teaching faculty with the right skills and positive attitude adds to the dynamism of our school culture. Emphasis on peer teaching, remedial and enrichment classes further optimize learning outcome and make GCIS the best school in Faridabad.

It started with a dream

A splendid vision to build an ambience conducive to rich learning and to foster the young mind and soul into a complete being. Our vision to nurture a community of intellectual and compassionate citizens, who are committed to live with responsibility, learn with enthusiasm and balance a strong work ethos with a sense of play.

A kind endeavour to meet the magnificent heights of excellence in Education.

We, at GCIS, see a child as a power house of curiosity. Thus, we create an environment which inspires learners to eagerly look forward to their classrooms, where their interests are nurtured, where they envision a glorious future – not just careers but path-breaking discoveries and ventures where they will learn to respond to their higher call of serving humanity.

We believe in inculcating the child with the ‘never say never attitude‘, so that he/she is ready for the life ahead with complete enthusiasm and vivacity. We teach young minds to be confident, self-reliant, and independent beings, capable enough to make wise decisions ahead in life.

We are devoted to creating leaders of tomorrow who will be trail blazers.

A school with a difference!

The Mission to extend...

Leading Young Minds to Excellence’, the motto of GCIS is a manifestation of its ethos and a desire to usher in this new era of learning with a confidence that every youngster, however different, has the right to education.

  • A mission to provide equivalent opportunities to each pupil for personal growth through ‘quality' education.
  • A mission to equip the students with exceptional skills to make them to excel in every sphere of life.
  • A mission to make each pupil into a wholesome being, who will essentially believe and strive towards 'being exceptional'.
  • A mission to be an integral part of the society – extending to every part of it and enriching it in our own unique way.

The name ‘Grand Columbus’ has been inspired by the great explorer Cristoforo Colombo known to most as Christopher Columbus – whose determination to leave the Old World, chasing the sunlight, led to the discovery of the New World.

Our Scholar faculty encourages students to rise above holistically and have a global outlook. GCIS seeks to make each student participate in the dynamic process of informed growth by providing quality education to its pupils that equip them with skills, confidence, integrity, tolerance and respect for diversity with a sense of positivism to distinguish themselves in all endeavours.

The pursuit of excellence is encouraged, which leans on the optimistic belief that every man has it in him the potential to deliver excellence in his work.

"If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in life, you’ll find it easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve."

"A true measure of our worth includes all the benefits others have gained from our success."


Mr. Suresh Chander

Managing Director

From Management Desk

Working in the truest endurance to justify our motto ‘Leading Young Minds to Excellence’; we have taken the grand leap ahead. It satiates our endeavors to see that school has excelled in fortifying the knowledge base, ensuring a firm grasp on the fundamentals, thus helping young minds to prove their capability to meet tough challenges and to excel in academics. Being an established school in Faridabad, GCIS has also been able to inculcate in the young credulous minds that our greatest laurels are not in failing but in rising after every time we fall short.

We firmly believe in actions and not on words, for actions speak louder than words. And so our endless efforts, not only in terms of the tremendous academic results but also in terms of participation in intra-school, inter-school, and other nationally recognized competitions.

We are determinedly striding on the holistic approach of identifying and recognizing the overall potential of every child and then taking initiatives to extort the best out of every child when it comes to developing into an attentive citizen and a responsible leader. Our alumni have already proved themselves to be the heralds of the morals & ethics we instilled in them.

Richa Puri


Welcome to Grand Columbus International School (India), situated in the heart of sector 16A in Faridabad. Our School’s purpose is to educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community by offering learners world-class education from Nursery to Senior Secondary Stage. Grand Columbus aims to provide the children with a challenging academic environment emphasizing on learning as well as social and personal growth.
As the Principal, I would like to thank all the parents for choosing us. I am delighted that school’s values align with my core personal values including the importance of trust, respect, innovation and a sense of community. The future will build on these firm foundations focusing on the quality of school life especially for the benefit of our learners. The curriculum will continue to be regularly reviewed in order for it to remain appropriate for the needs of our learners. Being a CBSE school, we believe to provide students a global perspective and greater understanding of the world. Our world-class infrastructure and educational techniques would improve the way your child thinks, answers, questions and appreciates the others point of view. Keeping the CBSE mission in mind, education must prepare the students in all fields of life to be responsible, outthinking and committed citizens of the world.
At Grand Columbus, the educational community strives for excellence by preparing the students for learning beyond the school years and assisting them to become self-directed, realistic and responsible decision makers to cope up with the ever-changing multi-cultural world. Grand Columbus‘s higher academic standards and unique educational strategies would enable the students to think independently and drive their own learning. Ultimately each learner will gain from their life at school according to the effort they apply.
We strongly believe in the importance of teachers, parents and administrators collaborating and communicating openly .The entire support of the staff in bringing up Grand Columbus up to this level in aspects of teaching, sports and extracurricular activities, is commendable and they have won laurels all over the nation for it and they continue to do so. As it is said “Every child is different”, so life at Grand Columbus would be different for your child too. As a Principal at Grand Columbus, I am thankful to the Director of this school for making all possible efforts for bringing up education, sports, administration and extracurricular activities together in a comprehensive manner. My motto is to make the education and learning process more realistic and effective. The wealth and richness of our extracurricular activities spanning academics, sports, music, theatre and dance would provide opportunities galore for your child. We will make your child competitively inclined in order to compete with the globalized and ever-changing world of tomorrow.
We firmly believe that education is a three-way partnership between students, parents, and teachers. The key element of Grand Columbus would hinge on the participation of our parents. We will have extensive programmes to maximize parental engagement so that you can participate in your child’s school experience.
At last, Grand Columbus would like to thank each and everyone associated with the school, especially the parents and the children for believing in us and walking hand in hand as we strive hard for achieving innumerable milestones for our school.

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