The function of Education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus Character is the goal of True Education. Grand Columbus International School offers ample of opportunity for the latent faculties of children to develop in harmony with their own potential which is important for the development of an integrated personality. School believes that love for education should be developed for children in initial years and atmosphere should be created for them to pursue a positive approach in life. School’s action plan is based on the belief that Value Development is a psychological-cum-sociological process where children at various stages are guided by imitation, suggestions and identification.

GCIS is committed to provide an educational environment that challenges and inspires each child to achieve his or her true potential. It meets individual and common needs by providing a creative and balanced curriculum. The main objective is to equip the students with knowledge skills, values which will enable them to be responsible, effective and in gaining life skills for their potential, professional development and to grow into responsible citizens. Conscientious efforts are made through activities for each student to learn, to feel empowered to build confidence and self-esteem to discover individual strengths and needs to achieve success.

Workshops and Seminars

A Workshop is an opportunity to learn new skills. It is a medium of connecting to another person’s world. We at Grand Columbus International School believe, to become a great teacher or a great human being one must go beyond the text books and attend workshops or ongoing educational courses to truly master a thing. This exceptional service is what we offer to our teachers, students and even parents. An ample tool to regulate the idiosyncrasy of book learning Regular workshops are conducted for the staff and students throughout the year to keep the staff abreast with the latest teaching learning process. The educators are updated with the global trends in education and CBSE.


Experience is the Best Teacher and learning to take care of oneself and one’s own belongings independently. Without parental supervision helps the children to become self-sufficient. Travel expands your extent and school life cannot be complete without the fun of educational tours and excursions. Grand Columbus International School envisages new dimensions through these trips and excursions. These trips are custom made to facilitate the students to know and understand the real, multicultural world, which act as a support to think out of the box and broaden the outlook. The school discreetly organizes educational trips to strategically and historically important places and facilitates for students to reach out for information beyond the text books. These trips are precisely planned to add fun enthusiasm during vacation period. These trips also extend a much-needed break from the hectic daily schedule and an opportunity for the facilitators and learners to bond with each other.

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