With a bucket of Lego, you can tell any story. You can build an airplane or a dragon or a pirate ship - it's whatever you can imagine.

The Lego Robo Lab is designed for pre-primary and primary students. Brick by brick the children build and enhance their basic logical thinking and motor skills. Primary onwards, the students are trained for basic coding and climb their way to advanced robotics in the Robotics Lab. Very few schools in Faridabad offer this feature.

LEGO provides kids with the engaging, hands-on experiences they require to investigate basic STEM concepts and connect them to real-world phenomena. Students' innate curiosity is sparked by LEGO bricks, programming tools, and supporting lesson plans for teachers, which help them develop important communication, creativity, cooperation, and critical thinking skills in a fun and exciting way. Students develop tactile, adaptable solutions as they solve problems and learn how science, technology, engineering, and math affect their daily lives.

Boat on Calm Water
Wintry Mountain Landscape
Mountains in the Clouds Boat on Calm Water
Waves at Sea Yosemite National Park

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