Best Primary School in Faridabad

A Child learns in many ways; has a unique perspective. Keeping in mind that children have multiple intelligences and that learning is diverse, GCIS has created a learning environment, where a kid explores, thinks and develops holistically.

As one visits the primary wing of GCIS, a strong feeling of joy, focus, happiness and order is experienced. The aim of the school at this introductory stage of schooling is to socialize a child and help him/her in acquiring holistic education and the School promotes learning, development, gives freedom to children to understand concepts through creativity. We tickle the imagination of our children so that they can explore in an innovative environment and a fun way to learn under the guidance of skilled and dedicated staff. These years education is built on the Foundational Stage's play, discovery, and activity-based pedagogical and curricular style, as well as some light textbooks and aspects of more formal but interactive classroom learning, in order to lay a solid foundation across subjects such as reading, writing, speaking, physical education, art, languages, science, and mathematics. There are many examples of all these which we include in our classroom to maximize effective learning with always keeping in mind the active phase of children.

The School looks after the diverse needs of the different children and helps them achieve the best as per their capacity and potential; thus helping Children to move from the known and explore the unknown.

Three unit exams, a half-yearly assessment, and a final examination comprise the academic session's evaluation. Continuous evaluation is meant to create a holistic profile of a student by assessing both scholastic and non-scholastic areas of education over the course of the school year.

Education develops a country’s society and economy; therefore, it is the milestone of a nation’s development. Education provides skills and knowledge and shapes the personality of the youth. It is the foundation of a society that brings social prosperity, political stability, and economic wealth. Primary education is the incubator for the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and leaders. Challenge for primary school educators is to prepare young minds and inspire each child to meet their true potential. Primary education has several benefits like it supports social and economic developments, teaches independence and confidence, improves reading and communication skills, etc. We can all agree on how important it is to find a good primary school to provide the best learning environment for your child. Parents often struggle with finding a primary school so here’s presenting the best primary school in Faridabad – Grand Columbus International School.

The Grand Columbus International School

The Grand Columbus International School is situated in the heart of Faridabad on 2 acres of land with an eco-friendly modern architecture and top-class infrastructure. GCIS has a transparent admission policy and admissions are open for nursery classes. The education system in this school is very nice, and all sorts of extracurricular activities and sports like volleyball, cricket, basketball are carried out in a very systematic manner. GCIS provides digital class learning, a big auditorium with various cultural programs. The faculty is very effective, polite, and cooperative. It maintains parent-teacher communication and keeps the parents updated on their child’s daily activities. . GCIS doesn’t revolve only around formal lessons but includes games, crafts, and other pleasurable activities.

Safe environment and inspiring faculty

GCIS provides a safe and secure environment for better learning and has installed CCTV all over the school for child safety. It focuses on developing emotional, cognitive, and psychomotor abilities, as well as early numeracy and reading, via play-based learning. Since day one, emphasis has been made on establishing children’s study habits and developing their academic skills. Teachers are sincere, passionate, caring, and pay individual attention to every student. GCIS has high principles of responsibility, conduct, and efficiency. It judges the strength, abilities, and weaknesses of a student. It provides children a chance of taking classroom-based field experience in a diverse setting. The school helps develop higher and good values like sympathy, love, truth, and co-operation. GCIS is the best school with a very inspiring infrastructure, good faculty, innovative style of teaching, outstanding management, and a proper educational environment. The school focuses on the overall development of a child and maintains hygiene.

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