A Child learns in many ways; has a unique perspective. Keeping in mind that Children have multiple intelligences and that learning is diverse, GCIS has created a learning environment, where a kid explores, thinks and develops holistically.

As one visits primary wing of GCIS, a strong feeling of joy, focus, happiness and order is experienced. The aim of the school at this introductory stage of schooling is to socialize a child and help him/her in acquiring holistic education and the School promotes learning, development, gives freedom to children to understand concepts through creativity. We tickle the imagination of our children so that they can explore in an innovative environment and a fun way to learn under the guidance of a skilled and dedicated staff.

The School looks after the diverse needs of the different children and help them achieve the best as per their capacity and potential; thus helping Children to move from the known and explore the unknown.

We believe that learning is the most important event in one’s life and we help children enjoy the learning process with an Integrated and Challenging Curriculum.

Our Philosophy

Remedial teaching is an integral part towards holistic development of a student. Firstly, a student is identified on the basis of her continuous performance in class. Then, the teacher puts in her efforts to encourage and bring out her best in the student so that she is able to cope up and achieve excellence in academics.

“Activity Periods” is another unique method to bring out the talents in a student. Two periods a week are set aside where special attention is given for activities science club, mathematics club, remedial teaching, debate groups, art & craft, music, dance, dramatics, sports, etc., This provides a platform for a student where she can opt for activities for her choice. This helps her to gain confidence and self-belief in her abilities and thus perform better in other fields also.

Evaluation: The academic session consists of three unit tests, half-yearly examination and final examination. The purpose of Continuous evaluation is intended to provide a holistic profile of a learner through assessment of both scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of education spread over the total span of instructional time in school. This also helps to identify those positive attributes of a learner, which are not usually assessed during the examinations conducted by the Examining Board. Unhealthy competition between students is strictly discouraged and emphasis is laid on a student giving their best.

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