The school is associated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. It takes after the guidelines and educational programs as endorsed by CBSE. The study material is taken from NCERT Books. The educational program is so planned and subdivided that it gets to be user-friendly, i.e. it gets to be less demanding for the students to get it and comprehend the subject matter without the feeling of stress and tension.

The learning within the Preparatory Class is primarily based on play-based learning with a centre on creating cognitive, affective, and psychomotor capacities and early proficiency and numeracy. On the curricular side, there will be an expanded centre on foundational proficiency and numeracy - and for the most part, on perusing, composing, talking, checking, math, and numerical considering - all through the preliminary and centre school educational programs, with a strong framework of continuous formative/adaptive evaluation to track and in this manner individualize and guarantee each student's learning.

The pandemic has not dampened the excitement of teachers and students, as seen by the children's and knowledge providers' participation in Tutorial courses to provide/obtain add-ons to the coursebook. Various classes, such as MATHS ENRICHMENT and ARYABHATTA preparation classes, were held to prepare our little challengers for the various tournaments.

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