Secondary Stage (Grades 9-12 in two stages, i.e., 9 and 10 within the first and 11 and 12 within the second, covering ages 14-18). The Secondary Stage will include four years of multidisciplinary study, building on the subject-oriented academic and curricular fashion of the Middle Stage, but with more noteworthy profundity, more prominent critical thinking, more prominent consideration to life goals, and more noteworthy adaptability and student choice of subjects. In particular, students would proceed to have the alternative of exiting after Review 10 and 12 and re-entering within another stage to seek after professional or any other courses accessible in Grades 11- 12.

The focus is on helping students acquire organised and analytical skills, as well as social, behavioural, and life skills, as well as instilling a feeling of discipline and responsibility as they grow into productive citizens. This type of education has an impact on both personal development and global awareness.

For learning, we use a universal design. In Science Labs and ATL labs, students learn science through practical experiments. Students can use the computer lab to keep up with the latest technologies. Every classroom has a projector to help students learn by watching videos and doing interesting activities. With the goal of NEP in mind, we have world-class infrastructure and elevators in the school to create the path barrier-free for differently abled kids.

GCIS strives to make its students the best in every field by providing qualified teachers, coaches, and instructors. The school has been striving for greatness and, in doing so, has always provided the best for its students. At the Senior Level, faculty from the most prestigious institutes and organisations visit and interact with the students.

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