We believe in preparing students for their career after school because according to us, school is not just till +2, but it is for the preparation of beyond +2. Launchpad @Grand Columbus is an initiative to prepare students for competitive exams like JEE and NEET, while they are in school only to negate the pressure.


The team will work with vetted candidates to help them study for and take numerous competitive/entrance exams in order to gain admission to IITs, AIIMS, NEET, Central Universities, and other prestigious institutions in the country and overseas.-->

The team will conduct research and develop methods and assignments to improve selections using competitive, up-to-date, and reliable instruments; extend teaching and learning possibilities both inside and outside the classroom; and usher in a new era of institutional recognition.-->


Competitive exams details for which we prepare our students are as follows: Olympiads such as National Cyber Olympiad, International English Olympiad by British Council, Silver Zone International Olympiads, SKGKO, IFLO, IOS, and the list goes on. eg.

National as well as international level OLYMPIAD exam for maths, science, computer, English, French, such as IOM - INT. OLYMPIAD MATHS, IOEL-INT. OLYMPIAD OF ENGLISH, IOS - INT.OLYMPIAD SCIENCE. NTSE-National talent search examination for the national-level scholarship.

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