"I think my child has come on leaps and bounds and I am very impressed with the teaching my child has had and would like to say a big thank you to the teaching staff and management. "

Tarun Sharma, Parent

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much from the bottom of our heart for your guidance, enhanced support & personal attention to our daughters (Nishtha Vats & Aastha Vats) studying in class 11th & 8th respectively. Both of our daughters have been studying in your school since 2009-10 session and each of them every year achieving approx. 6-7 awards (Academic Excellence, Extra -curricular activities, Sports & Drawings etc.) All credit goes to GCIS for their result oriented focused & positive approach , guidance & taking special care for individual student resulted into proper nurturing ,grooming & overall developments of our daughters and made us the proud parents. Once again thanks a lot for your overall contribution."

Vivek and Renu Sharma, Parents

"My son has settled in well at GCIS and has made loads of progress from when he first started in reception, so i am also going to send his younger brother here to achieve the same as him. "

Anuradha, Parent

" I honestly recommend this school to all my friends and family. I am so happy with the progress my son has made in her first year at GCIS. The teachers are all welcoming and friendly and it genuinely feels like a family. Whenever there has been a small problem it has been dealt with straight away. The school report was fabulous and not only told me how he was doing in class and learning, it also gave me information on how she gets on with peers and concentrates which was a real insight. Thank you to all at Grand Columbus."

Subhani, Parent

"For the first time in his life my son jumps out of bed without being awakened, does his homework without being told, has completely eliminated video games, and spends his leisurely time on paintings and other creative projects. This school has transformed our lives."

Kavita Sharma, a Parent

"The balance maintained between academic and extra-curricular activities at GCIS is absolutely amazing… If you want your children to flourish, look no further."

Suresh Kumar, a Parent

"I called GCIS and my husband and son came with me for the tour. We felt the magic immediately… It is a creative and disciplined environment where every staff member is concerned about developing your child in every way. I am happy that I chose GCIS for my kid."

Shalini, a Parent

"I feel so blessed every day that my kids go to the Grand Columbus. You have managed to develop in my kids what I assumed could not be developed ever – and that is creativity."

Myra, a Parent

"My two and half year old didn’t even fuss when he went the first day and has been happy since. He looks forward to going to school! …My household is a calmer, happier and a less exhausted place because my child is happy, satisfied and flourishing! He is always dancing on new songs and expressing new ideas he learned at school."

Dr. Shushma Malhotra, a Parent

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