7 May, 2018

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8 Feb, 2018

India’s 69th Republic Day was celebrated with great reverence in Grand Columbus International School,Faridabad on 25th January 2018.  Special assembly was conducted to take  pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. The patriotic fervour warmed up the cold winter morning as Honourable Managing director of the school, Mr.Suresh Chander, Principal Ms.Richa Puri ,Vice Principal Ms. Gurjeet Sandhu, teachers and children of the school enthusiastically gathered to hoist the national flag . This was followed by a medley of patriotic songs sung by the mellifluous school choir and a talk show was presented by the columbians on the theme of the constitution. After which prize distrubition was held.  Principal of the school in her address , expressed pride in the rich cultural past of the country. She urged every student to work with honesty and dedication for the nation and emphasized that though we know our fundamental rights yet, we need reminders to execute our duties. She also inspired the students to prepare well for their upcoming Term II examinations.  Honourable Managing Director of the school, spoke eloquently about diversity of India and the relevance of the Constitution and the Preamble. He enthralled the students with inspirational stories and reiterated the national fervour. He also threw light on various tasks to be undertaken by the present students who are the future of India. Programme was ended by singing  National Anthem.

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3 Feb, 2018

The school is a portal over the real world where your dreams fly to another world. Grand Columbus International School organised a farewell ceremony to bid adieu to the senior students, on 3rd February 2018, in school premises. Programme was started by praying Almighty and welcoming of the chief guests followed by ramp walk and funny and interesting ludo games to entertain the audience.  The soiree was something that will be remembered for a long time. The junior batchmates contrived the ball special for their seniors by giving beautiful titles. It was a blend of music, drama, jokes, cultural activities and freezing flashback. Class 12th also presented a heart-warming performance by reminiscing the time they have spent in this ingress of education. Most awaited moment was, GCIS pageant where titles were given to the Most Regular Student, Dinky Kapoor, Epitome of Education, Liza Sehgal, Mr. Philanthropist, Vaibhav Mahendru, Magical Hands, Ms. Shagun Rathor, and Star of the Day was Mr. Shivam Sharma. Last but not the least, Mr. and Ms. GCIS disposed to Yash Chandna and Yogandha  Vashishtha. Managing Director of the School, Mr. Suresh Chander congratulated the Columbians and came out with the words to the students that the education is not yet over, you need to take the responsibility for your own skills in a rapidly changing world. The global environment you are entering has many challenges but the openness revolution is one of the most powerful tool. He wished them good luck for their future endeavours. Principal of the school Ms. Richa Puri also congratulated the students and annotated three declamations which are important in student’s life to subsequent. First, there’s no dead end, so strive for aim. Secondly, be the leader of tomorrow, because a leader is a dealer of perseverance, efforts and hard work, with great accomplishments. Lastly, stay happy along with a person of value as success will touch your feet.  End of the programme was a potpourri as everybody was cheerful.

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27 Jan, 2018

Rally Polio Eradication
GCIS is committed to serve the society for nation building crash projects.  On 27th January 2018 Grand Columbus International School organized a rally to mark 'world Polio Day' in association with Rotary Club Faridabad, and International delegates from South Korea and Belgium along with other reputed schools to increase awareness about polio virus and to encourage further action to reduce it from spreading. The commemoration of the day also highlighted the success of global strategies in reducing the spread of the diseases and importance of administering of polio vaccine to the children aged below five years. The polio eradication and endgame strategic plan 2013-18 is a comprehensive, long term strategy that deliver a polio-free world by 2018. The program was started by playing national anthem of tried countries as an honor and respect to the high people on the totem pole and welcomed by the Managing Director of the school, Mr. Suresh Chander and Principal of the school Ms. Richa Puri. A delish and flavourful breakfast was also succored to all the guests. The rally was started from school premises at 11.30 a.m.  and covered 2.5 km. from the initial point.

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