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What schools are doing to ensure students’ safety?

In recent times, the crime progression against children in Indian schools has procured a massive rise. It is a wake-up call for the school authorities. This has led to a desperate commitment for taking certain stringent measures to ensure the safety of the students. Consequently the management and principals of the schools have smitten by a decision not to compromise on the safety and security of its students. It is their topnotch transcendence and exceptionally necessitous because children must be educated only in a safe and secure environment. Let’s understand the various measures adopted by the school authorities to ensure complete safety of their students and also seal machination if any.

Security Measures

Schools adopt strict security measures that are further fixate under the scrutiny of an independent audit. Modern security equipments like CCTV cameras and GPS is installed in each and every student-transport vehicles of the school such as buses, vans etc. These equipments are scrutinized for any defects twice every week in order to keep them function ing correctly. Safety is non-negotiable and it is eloquent to make sure that all the children are under surveillance from the time they enter the school premise till they are dropped safely to their respective homes. When it is about the safety of the students, no contingency will be taken. Their safety and security are of utmost importance.


Resources required ensuring safety of school children

Time and efforts, these are the two main resources that have to be pooled together in an efficient and effective manner by all the stakeholders involved. This is important to get all the systems and processes in place. This is the first step to make sure that the school environment is safe for all students. Steps such as police verification of all contractual support staff and strictly restricted access of non-teaching staff to student areas are very trivial. CCTV cameras must be installed at each and every focal point in the school. It is only with the aid of constant monitoring,  must ensure superior quality of security. CCTV surveillance should be available on all floors, corridors and also on the school grounds. There must be a dedicated and verified team of staff posted outside student’s washrooms at all times. Furthermore, there must be floor-in-charges to monitor all the floors during dispersal. But the onus should be to comply with all the safety rules and regulations.

Other safety measures

In certain schools, authorities have installed a unique and durable safety indoor tracking mechanism within the school premises. This hi-tech system works on Bluetooth devices and immediately provides real-time information to the parents, guardians or near dear ones. It also utilizes the GPS devices in student transport vehicles to track kids and monitors them constantly on their way to school and back. This GPS mechanism array their ward’s location live to the parents over the phone apps and maps too.

Another crucial step is to maintain separate toilets for the support staff. CCTV cameras must be installed outside the toilets on all floors. Post the recent occurrence of terrible mishaps and criminal activity against innocent school students; several school authorities have deployed an additional female attendant in front of all girls’ washrooms. Students should also be trained to be aware and cautious. School teachers now teach students to go to toilets or medical rooms in twos. It is ensured that junior students are always accompanied by teachers or nannies when they are leaving the classroom to go to the washroom. Also, the school authorities arrange separate sessions for the children to raise awareness about good touch, bad touch, cyber safety and bullying. This is an integral step to keep unfortunate and gruesome criminal activity against children at bay.

Important guidelines Schools must ensure:

  • Timely Police verification of teaching and non-teaching staff is important.
  • It should be mandatory for both teaching and non-teaching staff to wear badges and name tags at all times within the school premises.
  • Conducting thorough Psychometric evaluation of all the teaching and non-teaching staff should always be undertaken thoroughly.
  • It is also crucial to maintain limited and supervised access of visitors to the school.
  • The schools must establish child protection cells and policies pertaining to it must be drafted and executed precisely within the school premises.

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