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Tips to save the environment by the students of Secondary School Section

This Earth is what we all have in common. It was rightly quoted by Rabindranath Tagore that Trees are the Earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.

Though Mother Nature provides selflessly, mankind tends to demean its worth by exploiting and deteriorating it day after day. This brutality has further culminated into the recent undue upheaval in weather conditions accompanied with a squall and a severe wind speed lashing varied regions of the capital city of Delhi and various other North Indian States. Moreover, this mishap has degenerated the living condition and health of the masses bearing witness to the same. We are already on the verge of a massive devastation that unfortunately unfolded on the 16th of May ‘2018. In trying times like these, it is the responsibility of the Best Schools in Faridabad to be a leading example and take up the initiative of raising awareness in the society as they are the prime medium of quality education.

A child must be taught the significance of nurturing mother nature right from the nascent stage of schooling. Moulding their young minds in the right direction is requisite for the bright future of the entire universe. Bearing this noble cause in mind, one of the most renowned and Best schools in Faridabad, Grand Columbus International School initiated the Rally called “Save Earth” for the betterment of the environment in which we live and sustain. Grand Columbus International School put forth the initiative to save the environment by imparting the feeling of responsibility towards Mother nature amongst is students. This initiative was named “Save Earth” Rally as it was brought into existence with the sole aim of protecting our abundant and generous nature from the snares of irresponsible and reckless people. It was conducted by the GCIS Students of class VI who marched from the school ground to sector 15 market. The students proceeded on the crowded streets with the primary purpose of raising an awareness amongst people for the betterment of our vicinity and the entire environment as a whole. The medium utilized was interactive and meaningful at the same time. The measures adopted encompass posters, placards and banners that had impactful slogans such as “Save Earth”, “Say no to plastic “and Conservation of Natural resources”. This well thought socially responsible initiative was brought to execution in order to evoke the sense of responsibility and care towards Mother Nature, not only in the hearts of young students but also the masses on the streets and all who were exposed to the GCIS, “Save Earth” Rally. This Rally and Slogans, in turn, would guide the innocent and adaptive minds of the students in the correct and responsible direction right from the beginning. They were used as powerful mediums to reach out to the masses and educate them about the hazardous outcomes of the crude actions of mankind against our environment.

Apart from the relentless processions, flashing of Placards, banners, posters and yawping of emphatic Nature protection slogans, the Young, bright and responsible Columbians also performed a Nukkad Natak or Street Act on the main street of the market that was witnessed by a massive crowd including the commoners like shopkeeper’s , vendors and commuters alike.

It is imperative to bear in mind that solely incorporating Value Education, environment education and other value-based mandatory subjects in the School Curriculum does not suffice. There goes a saying, “Action speaks louder than words.” The duty lies with the Top Schools in Faridabad to put these good nature endearment words to fruitful actions. Small steps can make a massive change and transform our vicinity. It is better to be cautious than to be sorry. The abundance of Mother Earth must kindle a sense of gratitude towards it in the minds of each and every one of us.

As M.K. Gandhi rightly said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Top Secondary Schools in Faridabad need to abide by these pearls of wisdom. Grand Columbus International School did just that and a lot more to leave behind a legacy of Sustainable Environment for generations to come. Ergo, this led to the foundation of GCIS “Save Earth” Rally. Along with the Rally and slogans a Street Play by the name “Accomplishment of the Conservation of natural resources” was also conducted. The theme of the street -play was well thought and emphasized the significance of Conserving Natural Resources for a sustainable environment in order to keep natural disasters caused by manmade negligence at bay. We are aware that our natural environment provides us with a wide array of ‘ecosystem perks’. All the elements that people desire and want are attained from the huge natural world of which human beings are a small part. One of the primary reasons why the entire value of mother nature hasn’t been identified effectively until now is that generally those who recognise nature’s intrinsic value have denied acknowledging the rising need to save and protect it.

This street play by the students of GCIS was performed with an aim of raising an awareness pertaining to the ill-effects of the rise in pollution and use of plastics that cannot be entirely disposed. Thus, “Save Earth” Rally by GCIS did not just simply adhere to sugar-coated words but also explored its way to productive environment oriented protective actions and measures by distributing paper bags handmade by the responsible and inventive students of the Grand Columbus International School. Such actions by best schools in Faridabad are particularly significant because the more people are inspired, motivated and empowered to value and take action for nature, the closer we are to a sustainable environment for the betterment of all. As we ardently hope for unadulterated natural surroundings, The most significant question that we must ask ourselves is, “Are we leaving behind a sustainable environment for our future generation?” The answer to it lies in our current actions.







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