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Skills to inculcate post Examinations

Examinations are the most critical time for each and every student. It is absolutely the make or break period in a student’s life. The preparation initiates since a long duration and the amount of efforts invested are massive.  Ergo, it is bound to occur that once the stretch of exams and stress culminates, a student tends to feel liberated. This break or vacation if used wisely can act as a launching pad for your academic life and career ahead. Of course, Rest is essential and must not be taken for granted. Vacations have the most productive outcome if it is a balance of both Fun and Learning. Let’s understand the most crucial skills a student can acquire post culmination.

Reading and Writing Skills
The two most important skills to acquire are Reading and Writing Skills. These two skills have to be inculcated right from the Admission in Nursery School to the Admissions in Pre-primary school. It is essential to pay attention right from the Nursery School Admission in Faridabad or the city you live in to the graduation or post-graduation of a student. It is indeed a holistic development. There is no other act in existence that is as fruitful as Reading. Though it might look like a Mundane task, reading gradually builds your intelligence, knowledge and vocabulary. A person who cultivates a habit of reading good books, magazines, articles and newspapers helps you achieve both confidence and mental agility. Knowing the current affairs and the ability to articulate it in the most precise manner can help you to survive even the most hostile conditions in your future. Reading and Writing skills are two sides of the same coin. Writing has surplus advantages. To begin with, it can improve your handwriting and also enhance your hand-eye coordination. Writing can also improve your retention power and memory.  A good hand-writing has tremendous benefits in your academic life. As the old adage goes, ‘First Impression is the last impression.’ A great handwriting can be an added advantage to give your answer supplement an edge and fetch you an exceptional score.

Research! Not many tell you about this significant attribute. It is the new and the most important element to include in your Post-Exam Vacation To-do List. Similar to the research a parent invests in prior to Pre-Primary Admissions in Faridabad, Research holds the same level of crucial importance in a Child’s academic decision as well. The best advice anyone can definitely give you is to gather all the possible information from different careers and the latest global trends. NEVER select subjects or make any particular decisions as per societal norms, conventions or peer pressure. Be introspective and self-aware. Learn to study, analyze, understand yourself and take a subjective decision in accordance with your individuality.  You should understand your interests, aptitude and the scope of various careers.

SWOT Analysis
Invest in a SWOT Analysis. The best thing a person can do to keep progressing is convert  his weakness into strengths and threats into opportunities. By performing this you can surpass your disabilities and transform them into positive outcomes. A tremendous challenge that majority of students encounter is low- confidence. The reason behind this is the constant comparison that you indulge in and the false belief that you are not sufficient. SWOT Analysis not only helps you to become aware of your own faults but also of the characteristics that tend to be the source of your strength. It is highly recommended that all the students must write down their weakness and plan certain steps to overcome this. If you are weak in Mathematics, practice and practice. This is the right time for you to revise all the basics which you will require in your higher class. This is crucial right from the Pre-Primary Admissions in Schools.

Vocabulary & GK
Improving your Vocabulary & GK has a  great impact on your future life. Begin with reading the newspaper, novels and then move on to watching  English movies or series that tend to have a positive impact on your language, grammar and vocabulary. When it comes to newspapers you can start with the Times of India, in case you are a beginner. You can also underline or mark difficult words, and write down their definitions or meaning that can gradually assist in honing your vocabulary skills.  You can refer to certain websites for assistance. This is one of the most significant thing, every student must work on in their vacation. It is strenuous to get time after your class 12th to work on this. Every entrance exam has various sections of which English and GK are the most  ordinary. This will give the student an edge over the others.

“All work and no Play, makes Jack a dull boy.” This quote stands true in a student’s life. Active participation in Sports helps a student to stay fit and healthy. It is erroneous to assume that Sports is for pure derivation of entertainment or play. It not only keeps the student  fit but also improves memory and mental agility . Thus, enhancing holistic health and provides a wide array of opportunities.

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