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Science, Commerce and Humanities – The Equivalence of all three Career Avenues


A Grave concern faced by several students as they pass out of the tenth standard is which stream to select that will guide them to pursue a career that suits them best.  All students are looking for a stream that will be in synchronization with their aptitudes. There exists some skepticism whether to select Arts, Science or Commerce after Class 10. While approaching a conclusion regarding which stream to choose, students are usually faced with dilemmas pertaining to which stream is better than the other, which stream will be convenient to pursue and score in, which stream shall enable them to acquire their dreams and aspirations, which stream will allow them to have a profession that would offer them monetary as well as job satisfaction, and similar doubts. A simple answer to the above questions is that no stream, whether it is Science, Commerce or Humanities, is better or worse as compared to the other. Arriving at a decision with regards to these questions in mind is absolutely incorrect and more often than not, a student might end up selecting the wrong stream for themselves.

Assimilating the individualistic worth of Science, Commerce and Humanities.

In this article, we shall try to understand the three streams in an objective manner which would further assist students to weigh their options in the right manner prior to taking the final plunge towards one of the three subjects. It is imperative to understand the three crucial streams according to the varied career avenues that a student can pursue after every stream.

To put it in simple terminologies, Commerce is a study of trade and business. This encompass each and every process and activity that occurs in any commercial or corporate organization at any level. Therefore, the varied career opportunities that a student can pursue after completing school education primarily revolves around this particular field. The commerce stream offers a student the alternatives to pursue careers in the fields of Finance, Planning, Accountancy, Tax Practitioners, Broking, Banking, Management and various other professional segments. Students interested in numbers and accounts should opt for commerce. You can also immediately begin a professional career like CA or CS.

The vast field of study, analysis and research that falls under the arena of science enables students under this stream to select from innumerable career alternatives. Science encompasses the systematic study and investigation of various natural phenomena and occurrences by enforcing various methods such as observation, experimentation, etc. Through the study of Science post class 10, students can pursue a career in one of the three primary subjects in Science, namely, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Though certain career options might be specific to solely one of the three subjects under science, most of the careers might be interdisciplinary and can involve an elaborate study of two or all three of the science subjects. Students interested in numbers and logical reasoning could opt for science stream. They cannot begin a professional career such as engineering or medical but can definitely appear for an entrance exam. Scientific research is highly encouraged by the government and India boasts of having some of the most highly esteemed research institutes.

Humanities as a subject is an academic specialization that specifically tackles the study of the ‘Human Condition’. This stream utilizes methodologies that are generally analytical, critical or speculative. Some of the various advantages of pursuing the humanities stream after Class 10 is that it offers students an excessive amount of career alternatives that are more vocational rather than simply academic.

There is No Right or Wrong, only what suits you best. Certain times a student might face a particular situation wherein they realize post a brief period of time that they have selected the wrong stream for themselves. If the realization is made early, which is during the first few months of Class 11 itself, it could be very convenient for the students to alter their stream. But if the student realizes that the stream they have selected is incorrect for them post completing Class 11, switching streams might prove to be extremely unfavorable.
Switching between the three streams of Science, Commerce and Humanities is subjective. It relies on which stream the student is switching from and to which stream. If a particular student aims to change from the Science stream to the Commerce stream, it will be comparatively convenient rather than switching from the Commerce stream to the Science stream. Additionally, students who have opted for the Humanities stream in Class 11 will not have the option to make the transition to the Science stream.

Students pursuing the Commerce or Science stream will generally always find the transition from their stream to the humanities stream very comfortable and convenient. This stream is specifically for those students who have their interests embedded in creative and social environment. It is a compulsion to complete graduation prior to beginning a professional career like journalism, psychology etc.Since there is tremendous scope of research in ample of subjects specifically in subjects like history, sociology, and psychology, Humanities has a plethora of career avenues to offer. Students that possess an academic orientation can consider the stream of Humanities.

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