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Importance of learning a new language other than English and Hindi


Learning a new language in some of the Best Schools in Faridabad requires time and dedication on student’s behalf as well. But, once taken up as an opportunity being fluent in a second language can offer several benefits and opportunities. Learning a second language is also very exciting and beneficial no matter the age. It offers practical, intellectual and numerous aspirational benefits.

There are more than 7000 languages in today’s evolving world and learning at least one will help you to live life with efficacy. Though it is far easier for children to grasp a second language, it is certainly never too late to learn. The advantages are definitely rewarding and worth the effort and dedication.

Being bilingual certainly has several pros in today’s global society and below we list the top benefits of learning a second language.

Great job prospects

Today’s world is business dominated. Ergo, being bilingual is a sheer advantage and offers you a competitive edge in the future while seeking for jobs or maintaining and aiming for promotion in the current employment. It is like an investment. Several top-notch corporate Companies aim to expand into overseas market and are constantly in search of bilingual staff, who are highly paid and obtain excellent benefits. They also finally give the company a massive competitive advantage.

Learning a second language right from a young age in Top schools in Faridabad will help you be indispensable in your career. This is because you can conveniently bridge the cultural gap between two nations. If you have the ability to speak a second language you are more likely to seek a job.

Brain health

In accordance with Medical research, studies have shown that the positive effects of learning a second language have tremendous effects on the brain. Grasping a second language right from an early age, massively delayed the onset of several brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer and dementia, in comparison to those who can solely speak their native tongue.

Travel and leisure

It helps a person travel with confidence. Learning a new language of the place where your travelling opens up a wide arena of great opportunities. Also, if you are planning to learn a generally spoken language, such as Spanish, French or German, you can practically travel anywhere in the world without having the trouble with translations. Learning a new language helps you to confidently tackle your business and any other challenge in another country. You can speak freely with the locals and other commuters. You can gain a far better experience as you effectively communicate with people belonging to different ethnicity. This will ultimately refresh your mind and put things into varied perspectives with respect to the varied cultures of the world.


Improved first language

Routine lives can get to us. Generally, we tend to not pay attention to our own grammatical structure and vocabulary. While learning a new language, you could trace back and find a better understanding of your first language.

By Learning the second language in Top Secondary schools in Faridabad you can also focus your attention on the various grammatical rules of the language that would contribute a deeper insight into your own native or first language. This would ultimately act as a guiding factor to improve your mother tongue and your everyday lives.

Improved understanding of the world

Learning a new language gives you a greater global understanding of the world we live in. Also, by learning a few phrases in a foreign language, if not a whole language, you can access various fascinating cultures all around the globe. This will assist in understanding the differences between two different countries. A new language can give you access to a whole new array of film, music, and literature as well along with a far better understanding of history and culture. It instils a greater understanding of the manner in which the world works which also includes politics and global business.

Experience new cultures

The globe is a cauldron of enriching, interesting and varied cultures. Learning a new language lets you access tons of different cultures that exist across the world. You will have the opportunity to witness fascinating and different things from a renewed perspective, that several people can connect with people from different cultures. Varied culture has their unique music, style, and history along with literature. One can not only understand but also connect through several books, TV and the internet. You can converse with a host of countries broaden your horizons and interests as the whole new world awaits.


Learning a new language is a proud achievement one can hold onto for a lifetime. It is extremely satisfying, once you see the hard work and effort being paid off. Experiencing the several benefits linked to learning a new or second language can instil a renewed self-confidence. Understanding and practising a new language can broaden our minds and horizons. It is an opportunity to experience new things. In fact, your mind will be continuously engaged and it will further help you to gain an insight into several different cultures. Learning a second language makes it far more convenient to learn a third language too. This tends to surely widen your future prospects in a positive manner.


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