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How to choose the best play school in Faridabad city for your child

It is a given that children today go through excruciating academic pressure. A playschool is a place where children who are in the range of the age group of 2 to 4 years spend their maximum time under the supervision and guidance of teachers or caretakers. It is the most crucial time for parents because it is highly significant to take the right decision for the nascent and foundational stage of your child’s life. Here is a quintessential parent’s guide for choosing the best play school in Faridabad for your ‘tiny tots’.Apart from tonnes of happiness, parenthood brings a far greater level of responsibilities and education is a major one of them. Every parent wishes to give the best and the most secure future to their children. In this process of shaping a bright future for their children, Admission in Nursery schools acts as a very significant foundational building-block.

However, let’s primarily learn the basic information about a Play School. The most important aim of Play Schools is to be focused on the sensory-motor development along with the social development of the child rather than aiming for the development of the academic skills. Amidst the various other plus points, a remarkable benefit of the Play School is that it assists in mitigating the separation anxiety that is usually depicted by children. Play Schools prepare the children for their future formal education process in a school. Delhi is known to be the educational hub of the country for its exemplary institutions imparting quality education and Faridabad is one such city. Now that we know the most essential elements of a Play School, let’s browse through a quick parent’s guide for selecting the right Play School for your ‘tiny tots’.

Location of the Play School

The placement of the Play schools in Faridabad is a very significant feature. Parents must look for it within their vicinity itself. They can also try to seek for a preschool that is near your home or place of work. This makes it far more convenient for them to reach your child whenever needed. Ensure that the location on which the play-school is situated has a good natural surrounding and atmosphere with consequential importance on the hygiene. A well-maintained infrastructure is important. For instance, it must not have factors like a stagnant water body in the vicinity that can harbour infectious pathogens and lead to diseases.

Be aware of familiar play school related terms

Apart from the formal education philosophies, acknowledging the difference between the other common early childhood terminologies will assist in making the decisions with respect to your child’s education. These common terms that are used to describe pre-school settings include child-centred, teacher-led, child-led, faith-based, pre-kindergarten and many more. It is important to note that these terms could be used alone or in tandem with one another.

Do your research

It is important to ask your friends, family members and veterans or experts of that subject knowledge while conducting your research for Play schools in Faridabad. Make sure that you have various alternatives. The institution you choose must have a good reputation. Do not select an institution, solely according to its brand value. This is because many of these are franchise owned and function as per their individualistic terms. Additionally, assure yourself that the location is hygienic, clean and safe as well. Procure detailed information regarding the composite fee-structure, pre-schooling hours and vacation schedules. Ensure that the staff of the school is amiable enough for the child.

Pay a visit

Ensure that before enrolling your child in Nursery School Admission in Faridabad, you are entirely satisfied with the facilities that are offered by the institution. The staff ought to be well qualified, friendly, compassionate and encouraging. Further, the staff must be trained in the field of child psychology. This is highly crucial as any unskilled person will not be cognizant of the progressive stages and needs of a child. You can specifically ask regarding the staff turn-over. In case the teacher changes after every six months, it is better to move on to a better alternative. The reason for this is that children need consistency in order to forge strong relationships and evolve. Also, do not forget to keep a tab on the classrooms, play areas and various other significant factors such as student-teacher ratio. The ideal student-teacher ratio to consider is 15:1 (2-3-year-old children) and 20:1 (3-4-year-old children). Classes need to be spacious too with not more than 10-12 students.

Safety Transport

If you opt for a transport system for your child make sure that the playschool arranges for a good vehicle which is in good condition. The driver should be professional and must not change frequently. It is also important that the vehicle should preferably have a proper speed limiter that is installed securely along with a maid or a teacher constantly present throughout the transit from the Pre-school to home and vice- versa. Also, the food served must be hygienic and the school staff need to be patient, suitably qualified and experienced.

 What should you do if you don’t seem to find all these parameters in an institution?

Compromising on any of these parameters must be strictly avoided to ensure a strong foundation and a better sustainable future for your child. But it might turn out to be a challenge to find an institution that stringently adheres to all of these parameters. In case you are not able to find such a facility, you could prioritize each of these features. As safety is the prime concern and also the most significant one, you can opt to select an institution that does look professional and has a reputation for not compromising on the safety parameter sceptical parents would be pleasantly surprised to understand that the concept of Play Schools has literally nothing to do with academics in the first place. Choose a suitable preschool for your little one wisely as the Nursery School Admission in Faridabad proceeds.


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