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Conquering Stage phobia

There has been a popular joke making the rounds that certain people might prefer to be in their own coffins than give a eulogy at a funeral. Though this might sound like an exaggeration, many would probably agree to it.

Many of us feel a certain degree of nervous apprehension while preparing to speak or perform before a group. There are some who are filled with extreme feelings of dread and panic in such scenarios. This could also include instances where the person has to be the center of attention. The condition could also be traced back to a form of social anxiety disorder (also called as social phobia). Stage fright or phobia is the fear of public speaking or performance. It exacts a considerable toll on self-perception, self-confidence and esteem. Early symptoms of the same must be dealt with or it could cause some people to continuously change schools, quit a job or pass up a promotion. Various seasoned professional performers also suffer in quiet terror.

Taking Steps to Overcome Stage Fear
It is a splendid idea to improve your speaking or performance skills gradually, but it’s mostly not sufficient to substantially decrease your fear. Public speaking must be incorporated right from the start of the student cycle that is from the time the child is enrolled in the Play schools in Faridabad. You have to address and revise if there are any negative perceptions, beliefs, self analyzing thoughts, images, and personal predictions if any related to public speaking or performing. It is generally useful to unleash the fears that are deeply embedded within. These are related to being seen and heard by others. Vulnerability could be another factor at play. It is significant to learn to accept oneself and not feel the need to prove yourself to anybody else. The bottom line is to get to the root of healing. Also, Top Secondary schools in Faridabad must have sessions on public speaking and  tackling Stage Phobia.

The most significant suggestion one could give is to develop skills to mitigate and manage fear and anxiety without resorting to use of medications or natural products alone. It’s also important to imbibe cognitive-behavioral methods to put an end to the cycle of escaping fearful situations. Escaping could contribute immediate relief, but it could also reinforce fear in the long run. There are certain people who opt for medication or natural remedies to decrease their symptoms of performance anxiety. Have a word with your physician to select the most appropriate treatment for you. Be willing to stop escaping your fears and grasp new skills to decrease and manage them. Self-Empowerment is the key and developing that self-empowering belief and trust in yourself will take you to new heights. It must start from the beginning even prior to the Admission in Nursery school. It is only in facing your fear, it becomes truly possible to overcome performance anxiety and seek comfort and ease in expressing yourself before others.

Below we have listed a few crucial tips to reduce your stage fright:

Transfer the focus from yourself and your fear to your true meaning or purpose. Contribute something of value to your target audience.Stop being scared with your thoughts about what might go wrong. Rather focus your attention on thoughts and images that are soothing and reassuring.

Say no to thoughts that make room for self-doubt and low confidence.Practice certain ways to stay calm and relax your mind and body. Techniques such as deep breathing, relaxation exercises, yoga, and meditation are the best.

Do not forget to Exercise and eat well. Also, practice other healthful lifestyle habits too. Try to keep caffeine, sugar, and alcohol at bay as much as possible. Ensure that you visualize your success. Focus on your strength and your ability to tackle challenging situations.

Make sure to prepare your material in advance. Also, read it aloud so that you hear your voice. Smile and greet people in order to make connections with your target audience. Consider them as friends rather than enemies.

You can stand or sit in a self-assured and confident posture. Stay warm, open and make eye contact. It is not essential to be perfect all the time and know that it is absolutely OK to make errors. Be natural and be yourself!

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