Our Mission

  • The Mission to extend...

    ‘Leading Young Minds to Excellence’, the motto of GCIS is a manifestation of its ethos and a desire to usher in this new era of learning with a confidence that every youngster, however different, has the right to education.

    • A mission to provide equivalent opportunities to each pupil for personal growth through ‘quality' education.
    • A mission to equip the students with exceptional skills to make them to excel in every sphere of life.
    • A mission to make each pupil into a wholesome being, who will essentially believe and strive towards 'being exceptional'.
    • A mission to be an integral part of the society – extending to every part of it and enriching it in our own unique way.

    The name ‘Grand Columbus’ has been inspired by the great explorer Cristoforo Colombo known to most as Christopher Columbus – whose determination to leave the Old World, chasing the sunlight, led to the discovery of the New World.

    Our Scholar faculty encourages students to rise above holistically and have a global outlook. GCIS seeks to make each student participate in the dynamic process of informed growth by providing quality education to its pupils that equip them with skills, confidence, integrity, tolerance and respect for diversity with a sense of positivism to distinguish themselves in all endeavours.

    The pursuit of excellence is encouraged, which leans on the optimistic belief that every man has it in him the potential to deliver excellence in his work.

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