Music and Dance

  • The Department of Music and Dance is committed to innovation, excellence, and learning in action. Our mission is to bridge scholarship and music/dance practice and to encourage interdisciplinary study. As a skilled faculty, we bring a challenging range of perspectives to students – nationally & internationally, and keep supervising and re-examining our course in order to prepare aspirants for careers in the ever-evolving field of Performing Arts.

    In this regard, we also provide them a very pleasant environment so that students can learn the power and rhythm of music in their lives.

    • A separate music room
    • Scholar music teachers
    • Availability of recording facility
    • Band of boys
    • Casio keyboards, Guitars, Sitars, Tabla, Harmonium, Drums, Orchestra, Marching Band- Trumpet etc.

    Our professional music department guides students through their music experience in similar fields and along with the folk, classical, western and bollywood dance forms.

    Music is indeed ‘Food for our souls’. Everything seems rich, positive, important and much more luminous via Music and Dance.
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