• Our well-equipped laboratories help students put theory into practice and learn by experimenting. Advanced facilities are provided to our young innovators to meet the requirements of their curriculum. Moreover, the labs at GCIS are hygienic, well-ventilated, spacious and are properly organized.

    Science Lab:

    We have three science labs for seniors and one general science lab for middle-grade students–

    The Physics Lab:

    Physics practicals, experiments and demos, are performed by the students in our Physics Lab. Our expert faculty supervises and guides students while they are at work in the lab.

    The Chemistry Lab:

    The stench of fumes that emits from our Chemistry lab indicates that the young scientists are into practice. The lab is well-resourced with latest tools & equipment and is a perfect platform for the inquisitive minds. All the chemistry experiments are performed under strict vigilance of our expert faculty.

    The Biology Lab:

    The Bio lab confers hands on experience to the students in all sides of the subject. There are live and potted specimens of plants and animals that facilitate students to understand the curriculum in a practical approach. All types of modern and scientific apparatus together with charts and models are used in our Biology lab.

    Computer Lab (Juniors /Seniors):

    The younger students of the middle grade try their innovative and experimental skills in the general science lab. This lab holds a blend of different science instruments for the juniors. GCIS boasts well-equipped IT/Computer labs. We have expert teachers to educate the students in the latest advancements in technology and computing. Right from the Junior Grade, we focus on word processing, keyboarding, and Internet skills. The labs are equipped with advanced technology.

    • Multimedia Computer systems
    • LCD monitors
    • Supervised, fast Internet connection
    • Networking environment
    • A collection of educational software, catering to diverse subjects, for teachers and students
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