• “Every child is a competent learner from birth who is capable of being, self-assured, confident and resilient.”

    Pre-Primary, ( Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Prep)

    Curriculum refers to all the subjects taught in a school and the experience gained by a child in a defined manner. Our Pre-primary curriculum is based on age-appropriate development including basic motor skills, self-help skills, sensory development, listening, speech and play-way method. The child learns to implement and practice what he experiences.

    In Pre-Nursery the tiny tots get the first insight of the system. Children are provided with appropriate activities which enhance their development. The areas of development are:-

    • Personal and emotional development.
    • Communication, language and literary development.
    • Problem solving.
    • Literary development.
    • Creative development.
    • Understanding Maths, E.V.S, Life skill education, Art and craft, Sports, Montessori activities which includes music and dance with well-equipped smart class.

    We have a highly qualified and competent , trained staff devoted to the curriculum development encompassing a vast learning palette. The Tiny-Tots are trained for daily enrichment activities to encourage imagination and creative play. With Art and Craft the children learn to explore the vast areas of their imagination by moving their fingers to develop their fine motor skills in the world of colours. The splash pool experience makes them aware of the feel of water over them and also prepares them for the challenges of swimming to leave them with the feeling of a winner. Music and Dance gives rhythm and movement to their body and makes them feel disciplined and religiously attentive. They feel the love for music by allowing them to spend a good amount of quality time with the musical instruments under the guidance of the music teacher’s.

    Class I and II

    The first step to formal education starts from class I where the paradigm of learning and teaching shifts to more result –oriented areas which instills creativity, compatibility and enhances the cognitive, effective and emotional development by studying English, Hindi, Social Science, Science, Computer Technology, Environmental Studies, Art & Craft, Sports, Dance and Music.

    Each classroom has a smart board which makes our classrooms more interactive and help each Columbian to be abreast with the technological advancement in the field of teaching, teaching-learning education.


    The defined curriculum provides new challenges and enjoyable learning experiences to meet the varied needs of the children. The curriculum as per the guidelines of CBSE and innovative enhancements from our end is more coherent and meaningful from the learners point of view.

    The teaching-learning process stimulates the learners to go beyond the boundaries of the text-book. The subjects provided are :- English, Math, Hindi, Science, Social Science, Computer applications, Art/Craft, Music & Dance.

    To provide knowledge and understanding of different languages and literature from class IV. We offer the third language – French/Sanskrit – option to students.

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