Celebrations & Functions

  • School Functions and Celebrations are meant to loosen up and relax amidst of our mundane routines. They provide us the prospect of sharing our similarities in order that we could celebrate our dissimilarities without discriminating about caste, culture, creed, religion, languages, and communities.

  • Indian culture and tradition

    GCIS incorporates in its students the cream of Indian culture and tradition keeping the door wide open for even the best of western influx pour in.

  • GCIS family promotes national integration policy, celebrates regional, religious and national festivals with the unique feeling of oneness. Besides our weekly/monthly school activities for students, we also invite the parents periodically to participate in different co-curricular activities like on Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day etc.

    Our Annual function is a feature wherein mass participation is encouraged. The initiative is to provide each student an opportunity to showcase his or her talent with confidence, before a live audience.

Campus Care